Essential for Community Acupuncturists

All acupunks run into the same fundamental problems. Neck aching and stiffness, juggling multiple tabs of software, information all over the place.

The good news? HappyCA fixes this.

Schedule and chart with one software. In one place.

Scheduler and Charting (2).png

Online Bookings

Your patients can easily go to your website and book an appointment with you. 80-90% of your bookings can now come through your appointment Scheduler.

“Our patients absolutely love using the Happy Scheduler. They tell us it’s super easy to use and nice to look at.”

- Happy Scheduler

Appointment Column

Happy Scheduler

All your online bookings from your customers are synced to your Appointments column in your Dashboard. Never flip back and forth from your Calendar ever again.

“Booking and editing appointments is so easy. Everything is right there on my Dashboard.”

- Happy Scheduler


Happy Charting

Click on an appointment bubble to see a Patient’s Dashboard. It shows the Patient Information, Chart History and your Fast Chart.

“Happy Charting allows me to customize my Fast Chart to take notes just the way I like it.”

- Happy Charter

HC Dashboard.gif

Join hundreds of acupunks

all across America who use HappyCA to keep track of their appointments and fast charts.


Ronnie Yocham

Bow Acupuncture & Community Wellness

I carry an iPad with me to every chair and chart as I go--I never have a back-up of charting to do and I no longer have to put away stacks of files. I really love it.

Nicole McCarty

Common Source Acupuncture

Happy Charting makes it much easier and quicker so I can do my charting in the time between patients. It gives me much less to do at the end of my shift which is really nice.

Michael Koziol

Whole Health Acupuncture

Happy Charting is really an improvement over my previous EHR. It's much easier to keep up with my charting and I can spend more time on the parts of my practice that I actually enjoy!